Tempest & Cascades Tryouts, 2022

If you're experiencing COVID symptoms or have a known COVID exposure, stay home and follow steps to get more information, potentially get tested, etc.

Welcome to the Combine!

Seattle Memorial Stadium, near the Space Needle: directions & parking
- Tempest 9:00am-2:00pm ..... Jan 15th, Jan 22nd
- Cascades 2:00pm-7:00pm ..... Jan 15th, Jan 22nd

When you arrive at Memorial Stadium, make your way to the Service Entrance at 4th & Republican, where you'll be able to walk inside and step onto the field.

Before the combine is scheduled to start, make your way to the check-in tables on the stage beside the field. Near by, you'll see a schedule posted along with a list of players and group assignments. *** If you attended on Jan 15th, bring your bib/number with you on the 22nd. Otherwise, pick up a new one during check-in.

- A Dark and a light jersey (or outer layer).
- Water bottle.
- At least one face covering.
- Your own food, if you want. (We'll provide water & limited snacks - CLIF/granola bars, fruit).
- Your bib/number, if you attended on Jan 15th.

- Being vaccinated is now a requirement for players on Tempest and Cascades, and signs are pointing towards boosters being required as well. (When you check in at the Combine, we'll ask to see your Vaccination Card.)
- Face coverings are required while on the field during tryouts, and during huddles and formal conversations with players + coaches.
- Wear a face covering to/from each Combine event, and especially if you're carpooling with people outside your household.
- Wear a face covering while using the restrooms at Memorial Stadium.
- When you're eating or drinking during tryouts, please use social distancing.

- Tell us your name and show us your vaccination card (physical or photo).
- Pick up a number and write your name & gender pronouns on the front.
- Pose for a quick photo.
- Put your belongings wherever you like and keep an ear out for directions from coaches.

We'll have a trainer on site 11:00am-4:00pm, and we'll have ice & medical supplies available all day. If you need an ankle taped, when the trainer isn't there, Xtehn can do it.

On Jan 15th, 1pm-3pm, Beth Bayha and Izette Swan from Real Rehab Physical Therapy are at Memorial Stadium and available for injury consultations/conversations.

Tryout process

We will communicate the results of your Combine tryout via email no later than January 25th at 10pm and you may or may not be invited to participate in the following closed tryout process.

The second stage in the process is closed trouts (invite-only), January 26th & 29th.
... Tempest 1/26 6:30pm-8:30pm, 1/29 10:00am-1:00pm
... Cascades 1/26 8:00pm-10:00pm, 1/29 1:00pm-4:00pm

Also, during this closed tryout process, we will be surveying every player about their specific availability for each weekend during the season when we'll have home/away games. Regular season schedules for both WUL and AUDL will get finalized during the second half of January.

At the Combine, we'll post a list of everyone who is trying out in 2022, including the players who are not present. Meanwhile, there may be players who are added to the tryout pool at a later date. The Selection Committee will do our best to be transparent.

With questions about this application, the tryout process, the 2022 season, or the Player Agreement, you can reach Xtehn at xtehn@seattlecascades.com. For personalized feedback about your tryout, you may approach coaches in person (on the field) or request an email.

Whether you are invited to continue trying out or not, we appreciate your enthusiasm and we thank you for being a meaningful part of the Tempest/Cascades ultimate community.

Tempest Selection Committee: Pam Kraus, Rohre Titcomb (coaches) & Xtehn Frame (GM)
Cascades Selection Committee: Jesse Bolton, Uly Rivera, Xtehn Frame (coaches)

Season Overview

Roster Position Offers

At the conclusion of the tryouts process, players who are offered 2022 roster positions will need to... (a) sign a Player Contract, (b) fill out medical history paperwork and sign a personal medical information release form, (c) get a check-up with a primary care physician, and submit a signed medical clearance form.

First practice for Tempest is Wed Feb 2nd 6:30pm, and for Cascades Sat Feb 5th 1:00pm.