Seattle Ultimate Youth Clinics

Seattle Ultimate youth clinics offer a variety of drills suitable for different levels of play, so all experience levels are encouraged to attend. The coaches are Seattle Tempest and Seattle Cascades players - learn from the pro's!

Our clinics are single-day sessions that run anywhere from two to five hours.

Beginners focus on solidifying skills, fundamental strategies, and spirited play. Experienced players have opportunities to engage in intermediate and advanced ultimate tactics, in addition to refining skills, practicing SOTG, and making friends! Most sessions include a strength & agility component and all clinics include plenty of play-focused activities.

At each clinic, we run an age-appropriate workshop on either a Social Justice issue or a Social Emotional Learning topic.

All genders welcome, including players who compete in the girls division, boys division, and mixed division.

Pre-Game Youth Clinic (July 23rd, 2:30pm)
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How will water/snack breaks work?

Players will be required to clean their hands thoroughly before and afterwards. We’ll have hand sanitizing stations that include disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer.

Staff members will wear a face mask while organizing and distributing snacks.

Will players and coaches be screened or tested before camp?

Yes. Right before a clinic, every participant and coach will answer a set of screening questions asking whether anyone in their family or close social circle has experienced COVID-19 symptoms within the prior two weeks.

We will react to these surveys on a case by case basis, and if a player or coach poses any risk to others we will ask them not to attend the clinic series.

What protocols are in place to address COVID-19?

We have a Safety Plan which has been approved by Seattle Parks & Recreation. Details on our COVID-19 FAQ page.

This is an ultimate clinic, and so we’ll be catching and throwing discs. In order to minimize situations when “everyone touches the same disc” we’ll use these COVID Coaching Guidelines.

COVID Coaching Guidelines:

Coaches will use twice as many discs as a group our size would normally use. For example, if a typical drill with 15 players would utilize 5-10 discs…. we’ll use a stack of 10-20 discs instead.

We’ll form groups for drills that are smaller than we typically would, and groups will remain 20+ feet apart. For example, we’ll present a drill to players and then split into two or three smaller groups.

Coaches will swap out their stack of discs in between drills, and we’ll disinfect them before they’re used again.

We will not do drills with marking or "close person defense" while we’re in phase 2 of the WA State Roadmap to Recovery Program. If we "scrimmage" we'll use modified rules such as social distanced defense and marking.

Under the current conditions of Phase 2 (WA State Roadmap to Recovery) all coaches and players will be required to wear masks.

(We may evolve these guidelines and/or come up with different ones as each clinic draws near.)


When you arrive at a clinic, we'll screen every player according to our Safety Plan (details here.) Kids will be supervised from that point until they are picked up at the end of the session.

What to Bring

- Cleats for playing on artificial turf.
- Appropriate clothing. Keep an eye on the weather.
- A water bottle. (We'll provide coolers for re-filling your bottle.)
- An appetite for good sportspersonship and strong competition!


If there is any last minute news, we'll update you by email ahead of time. If you have any questions, email

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