Overnight Camps

Seattle Ultimate is hosting an overnight ultimate camp beside Fort Casey on Whidbey Island. Camp runs 5 days / 4 nights, players will sleep in the bunk rooms, and we'll eat in the Camp Casey cafeteria.

This camp is great for players who play on their school teams, and also players who are new to the sport. For the on-field ultimate trainings, players will be arranged in divisions by experience and skill.

Beginners and intermediate players will focus on solidifying skills, fundamental strategies, and spirited play. Advanced players will engage with ultimate tactics, refine skills & movement patterns, and become stronger competitors. Everyone at camp will get to interact with each other and make new friends!

Aside from the ultimate, we'll do a bunch of activities - disc golf, beach forts, forest walks, scavenger hunts, campfire + s'mores, and more!

Registration is open to students entering 6th grade up to students entering 12th grade. All genders welcome, including players who compete in the girls division, boys division, and mixed division.

Coaches will be Seattle Tempest and Cascades professional players. At all times, there will be a first aid & CPR certified coach on site.


For more information, navigate to the links at the top of this page: Activities, Food & Housing, Packing, FAQ, and COVID Safety.

Also, click on "Overnight Camp (August 15-19)" right here! --->

Overnight Camp (August 15 - 19)
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Registration: Pre-registration is required, and spots will be filled on a first come basis.

Details, pricing, etc: Click on the item Overnight Camp (August 15-19) to learn more.