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For our on-field ultimate sessions, we’ll organize players in divisions based on (a) what grade they're in, and (b) the divisions they’re registered for. We'll start off with one set of groupings and then coaches will make adjustments.

If a player is signed up for a division that does not seem like a good fit, then we will move them up/down in order to improve the experience for everyone.

Which division should I choose?

We recommend that you select a division according to what grade your kid is in:
Elementary (recommended for 3rd-5th graders)
MS Intermediate (recommended for 5th-7th graders)
MS Advanced (recommended for 7th-8th graders)
HS Intermediate (recommended for 9th-11th graders)
HS Advanced (recommended for 10th-12th graders)

If your 6th/7th/8th grader is a an experienced player, sign them up for the MS Advanced division … and likewise, HS students who are relatively new to ultimate will fit best in the HS Intermediate division.

The advanced divisions are an opportunity for players to take their game up a notch - the level of play in these groups will be comparable to Seven Hills and USA Ultimate YCC.

If you’re not sure which division to register for, choose Intermediate. Once we see how kids are doing on the first day, it will be a lot smoother to move a kid up a division than move them down.

MS kids in the HS division?

Can I sign my 8th grader up for the HS Intermediate division? … Our intention is to have kids training with other players who are the same age/grade/size. If you think your 8th grader would be a better fit in HS Intermediate division, you can make that selection, and if it's a strong request, write an explanation in the comments when you register, so that we have that information on hand when we organize and update the groups.

In the same vein, if it's important for your kid to be buddied with a player in a different grade/division, we'll support that! -> Use the "Friends or Teammates" field when you register to describe the situation.

Grade limitations?

Can I sign my kid up if they just finished 1st grade and they’re heading into 2nd grade? …NO.

Can I sign my kid up if they just finished 2nd grade and they’re heading into 3rd grade? …YES.

Can I sign my kid up if they just finished 11th grade and they’re heading into 12th grade? …YES.

Can I sign my kid up if they just finished 12th grade? …YES, but only in the U20 division.

Can I sign up with friends or teammates?

Yes! There's a space in the registration form to list friends or teammates who you'd like to sign up with.

We'll do our best to honor these requests, along with with the divisions that each kid is registered for. In the the event that these two factors contradict, we will use our best judgement and we may also ask players, "would you rather be with your friends, or in a division that's a better fit for you?"

In order to make the experience good for everyone, we reserve the right to separate players if they're being a distraction to the group.


For updates and more specific information, refer to our COVID Safety Plan & Updates page.

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