Food & Housing


Enjoy homemade buffet-style meals served at the Mess Hall by the Camp Casey dining services. Our hearty and healthy meals will will vary from day to day, for example:

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, hash brown potatoes, bacon, banana bread, oatmeal, grits, cold cereal, fresh fruit, juice, milk, coffee, or tea.

Lunch: Tacos, beans and rice, salad bar, minestrone soup, fresh fruit, lemon bars, juice, soda, milk.

Dinner: Oven-fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, buttermilk biscuit, salad bar, fresh fruit, apple crisp, juice, soda, milk.

We'll eat at ~8am, ~noon, and ~5pm each day.

Dietary or Cultural Considerations: let us know when you register if there are specific dietary limiations, and we'll communicate this to the dining staff so that they can prepare the correct amount of food for everyone.

COVID: The large Camp Casey cafeteria will be open, and so we plan to eat our meals indoors. Also, Camp Casey offers a to-go meal format so that we can pick up meals at cafeteria and then eat outdoors.


Every player will have their own twin mattress on either the top or bottom of a bunk bed. They’ll get a pair of drawers to store belongings, plus additional space under the beds if needed.

One or two camp counselors will sleep on the same floor as the players, and they will be accessible during the night, in case a problem arises. The bunk room doors will be locked from the inside.

Bathrooms and high touch surfaces will be sanitized at least once per day.

There are two potential housing formats, depending on how COVID guidelines affect our housing options: (A) Dorm-style housing with one or two players in each room, and doors will remain open at all times, except when players are changing. (B) Bunk rooms with many beds in one large room.

Both of these formats are pictured below; we expect to know in June which one we'll implement.