Overnight Camp Activities

Aside from ultimate, our five days on Whidbey Island are packed with a handful of other activities:

-- Frisbee golf! Disc Olympics!

-- Explore Fort Casey (WW2 Historical Site)

-- Beach adventure! Fort building!

-- Nature/forest walk. Capture the flag!

-- Slip n’ slide… practice “lay-outs”

-- Down time in the shade: viewing of Tempest/Cascades game footage, social justice workshops and S.E.L. focused activities.

-- Bonfire, s'mores and talent show at the designated fire pit! #flashlights

-- Free time: rest up in the bunk rooms, hang out on the lawn, board games in the common room, etc.

All activities will be supervised by Seattle Ultimate camp counselors and subject to change due to COVID - 19 safety measures.