Seattle Cascades vs. San Diego Growlers

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Saturday, July 23rd, 5:00pm

Cascades roster

1 Justin Washington
3 Dante Lopez-Escarez
6 Ryan Shigley
9 Spencer Lofink
12 Leander Ramirez
16 Chris Roach
17 Aidan Lopez-Escarez
Peter Geertz-Larson
21 Chris Bubernak
23 Jake Steen
Kenny Lane III
26 Alexander Belfiore
27 Peter Johnson
45 Max Ramstad
64 Tarik Akyuz
71 Ocean Hines
95 Jamie Kauffman
99 Jeff Zhao

COACH Jesse Bolton
COACH Uly Rivera
COACH Xtehn Frame

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Growlers Roster

0 Jonathan Helton
5 Bryce Lozinski
9 Maxwell Hume
10 Sean McDougall
11 Steven Milardovich
12 Reggie Sung
14 Will Turner
17 Hunter Corbett
18 Kyle Rubin
21 Michael Tran
22 Zac Schakner
27 Paul Lally
30 Tyler Bacon
33 Jordan Queckboerner
37 Ben Levinsky
44 Tim Okita
55 Trevor Purdy
66 Stefan Samu
80 Travis Dunn
84 Jesse Cohen


Land Acknowledgement


I would like to acknowledge that we are on the traditional land of the first people of Seattle, the Duwamish People past and present and honor with gratitude the land itself and the Duwamish Tribe.

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Real Rent Duwamish

Real Rent calls on people who live and work in Seattle to make rent payments to the Duwamish Tribe. Though the city named for the Duwamish leader Chief Seattle thrives: The Tribe has yet to be justly compensated for their land, resources, and livelihood.

You can do something today to stand in solidarity with First Peoples of this land by paying Real Rent. All funds go directly to Duwamish Tribal Services (DTS) to support the revival of Duwamish culture and the vitality of the Duwamish Tribe.

Join this grassroots movement today and become a real renter.

Pride Recognition


We believe in a world where integrity and athletic excellence go hand in hand, and athletes of all genders and sexual orientations have equal value and opportunity to compete. Through our actions, sponsors, partners, athletes, and community we are excited to play a role in building a better sport, not just a bigger one.

Black Lives Matter


We acknowledge that cultural and institutional racism exists in our society and in our communities. To combat racism and systematic oppression, work is needed at a national, local, and personal level. As an organization, we are committed to working towards a future that is inclusive and empowering of all people, especially Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.

For The Kids!


Kids love our friendly and fuzzy mascot, Casey Sasquatch!

Meet the Players!


Meet the players after the game for photos and autographs!